Teenager Impersonates Police With ‘Booty Patrol’ Truck

Police impersonator

A Florida man was recently apprehended by the cop for allegedly being police impersonator with his truck, which prominently displayed the words “Booty Patrol.”

The white pickup resembled a Border Patrol vehicle and featured large green lettering reading “Booty Patrol” across the back and sides of the truck bed.

The driver’s side and passenger doors were marked with “National Booty Behavior Protection” next to a green logo that imitated those used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The driver also kitted out the Chevy Silverado with red and blue lights on the the interior dashboard.

Florida law prohibits the use of red or blue lights on non-designated vehicles, particularly if they’re visible from the front.

Cops furious about police impersonator

Which is exactly why a DeSoto County deputy pulled over the driver on Sunday night while he was coming out of an event.

18-year-old Gabriel Luviano was slapped with a $113 for impersonating law enforcement because of red and blue lights on the front of the truck.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office alerted the public about this incident and solicited information from anyone who may have been deceitfully pulled over by the “Booty Patrol” truck.

The law enforcement agency announced that they had identified the vehicle in an Oct. 30 Facebook post.

The post urged the public to report if they had been pulled over by a suspicious vehicle.

Police impersonator laughs off ticket

They also warned that Luviano’s wasn’t the only one operating in the area and to call a hotline if they spotted another police impersonate.

In an interview with local news outlet WBBH-TV Luviano admitted that he decorated his truck in this manner out of boredom and was inspired by a similar vehicle he saw saw in another state.

The teenager noted that pimping his ride cost around $5,000, but said that never uses the lights while driving, only when displaying the vehicle at car shows.

“It was just to have a little fun, you know?” He told a reporter with a smile. “It was never my intent to pull over people or nothing.”

Luviano might be laughing, but the cops certainly weren’t when they made the social media post about his truck, urging the public to turn him in if he caused any trouble.

“Lots of people like it, some people hate it,” the 18-year-old added.

“I have videos of cops coming up to me and they just want a picture,” he smirked.

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