Watch: Naked Man Attacks Las Vegas Police Officer And Steals Patrol Car

Naked Man police truck

Like many unlikely events in Las Vegas, a bizarre incident unfolded when a naked man attacked a police officer and stole his patrol truck.

The intense altercation was captured on video, shocking onlookers at an off-the-strip intersection at Blue Diamond Road and Buffalo Drive.

The naked man, who was described as “suicidal,” provoked the attention of concerned spectators, who witnessed the unfolding events.

Watch a naked man assault a Las Vegas cop

Wild video footage reveals the moment when the naked man forcefully wrestles the officer to the ground, then punches him in the face twice, knocking the cop’s hat off.

While the officer is seemingly stunned, the suspect seizes the opportunity to flee and hops into the driver’s seat of the police’s marked Ford F-150 truck.

The stunned patrolman attempts to stumble towards the open driver-side door, but the naked man throws the truck into drive and hit the gas.

As sirens blared, the nude suspect burns rubber and takes off, leaving the officer running after the truck, and nearly getting injured by the vehicle in the process.

Naked man leads Las Vegas police on a dangerous car chase

Shortly after commandeering the truck, the suspect recklessly navigated through oncoming traffic, carelessly disregarding traffic signals, and eventually colliding with a Ford Explorer on Hacienda Avenue.

This collision occurred during the ensuing car chase that followed the suspect’s audacious vehicle theft, after he jumped a median.

Tragically, the 34-year-old female driver of the Ford Explorer and a 43-year-old male passenger suffered critical injuries as a result of the collision.

Both were swiftly transported to University Medical Center’s Trauma Unit for urgent medical care for injuries that were reportedly critical.

Meanwhile, the officer involved in the initial fight sustained minor injuries that did not necessitate a hospital visit.

Witness describes seeing naked man assaulting a cop in Las Vegas

Kyle Even, the man who took the video, said that he noticed the naked man “casually walking” down the middle of the busy road.

“You got a cop and a naked dude. I thought he was going to be handcuffed and thrown to the ground,” he told KLAS on Wednesday.

“The cop kind of seemed he was, like, protecting him from somebody coming through and hitting him.”

The naked man, who was later identified as 29-year-old Clyde Cabulisan, was also injured during the crash, and was arrested before being taken to the hospital for “substantial injuries.”

He faces a slew charges for the insane auto-theft, including robbery, disobeying a peace officer, endangering people/property, grand larceny of a motor vehicle, and battery on a protected person, as documented by court records.

“I was just glad the cop didn’t get run over,” Even said about the harrowing incident. “It’s like real life grand theft auto.”

Cabulisan is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, where he will appear fully clothed.

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