Pilot Spots UFO In Sky During Commercial Flight

UFO in sky

A commercial airplane pilot claimed to have witnessed an unidentified flying object (UFO) while taking off from a London airport last year.

The pilot, who was traveling at a speed of over 230 mph, reported that a “black” object materialized as close as 65 feet away from the commercial passenger aircraft.

Pilot reports UFO in sky during take off from London airport

According to the Irish Mirror, the incident occurred when after pilot had departed from Stansted Airport, one of Britain’s major airports sometime in 2022.

The information surrounding this event was only made public after a Freedom Of Information request was made to the Essex Police department in England.

The inquiry was made in an effort to gather data about all UFO reports in the area from the past five years.

According to the report, the plane was flying at an altitude of about 4,000 feet, just above the St. Elizabeth Center, when the pilot claimed to have observed the object moving from north to south.

Although the pilot acknowledged that the UFO could have been a drone, the aircraft was equipped with drone monitoring equipment that supposedly did not detect any such activity at the time.

Additionally, several other UFO sightings were reported in the region during the same year.

Multiple pilots reported seeing a UFO in sky close to their planes

Essex Live reveals that at one point, three different aircraft reported seeing the same object near their planes simultaneously.

The report said that information from the reporting tower stated that two planes called in an object that was moving around five hundred feet below their aircraft as they were both slotted to land at the same airport.

Both planes were approaching the airport on their descent at two to three miles out when their traffic collision avoidance systems alerted them to an object that was below them.

All of the pilots aboard both aircraft reported that they were unable to see anything when the looked.

UFO hunter spots UFO in sky while at walking at a British beach

Meanwhile, John Mooner, a self-reported UFO hunter claimed that he saw an object of alien origin watching at a popular beach in Britain.

Mooner said he was walking down the Devon’s Exmouth Beach when he saw “an anomalous object” hovering over some seaside hotels in August.

“I quickly took a photograph, successfully capturing the anomalous object, just before it disappeared or cloaked away from view,” he claimed.

“There was no form of visible propulsion and I watched it as it slowly glided through the air until it was directly above The Octagon, which is a shop that sells snacks and refreshments,” Mooner said about the object.

“I had a feeling that this large anomalous sphere was observing the people on the beach below.”

Mooner shared the image with local news outlet the Daily Star, but the object is far in the distance, and could easily be a recreational drone.

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