Watch: Small Plane Crashes Into Car During Emergency Landing

small plane crashes

A small plane crashed into a car after making an emergency landing in Texas on Saturday afternoon.

The pilot was attempting to land at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas, after an hour and twenty minute flight from Midland, which is over 350 miles away.

The pilot reportedly brought the plane in too hot, and was not able to stop the small aircraft at the end of the runway.

As a result, the aircraft broke through a fence and collided with a passing car on eastbound Virginia Parkway.

Watch as a small plane crashes into a car

Jack Schneider, who was working close by, managed to film the incident unfolding on his phone.

“I saw the airplane coming down the runway quickly I knew that he wasn’t gonna have time to stop,” he told local outlet WFAA.


Airplane is a turboprop LX7. Thankfully everyone was ok! Repost with credit. #aviation #airplane #crash

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“It was clearly going too fast, the tires were smoking… So I quickly pulled out my phone because I could tell something was about to happen.”

The small plane crash was also filmed by 13-year-old Carson Raper, who lives close by.

Raper is a transportation enthusiast who frequently bikes to the airport to take videos of planes taking off and landing.

Teenager records as small plane crashes into car

He said the plane attempted to land twice, and had to go back up the first time because it was descending too quickly, but the pilot was not able to correct the issue on the second try.

“On its second attempt at landing, which was the crash, it overran the runway smashed through the fence, and skipped across the road, and then a car hit it,” the eighth grader said.

He was dangerously close to the accident, and pointed out that if the plane hadn’t hit the car, it would’ve killed him.

“I was expecting it to slow down, but it just kept getting closer, and it wasn’t slowing down,” Raper said about the plane.

His video stops at a point where he feared for his life and hoofed it away from the scene.

“All I was thinking was just, ‘I need to run away from this,’ and I just immediately stopped filming, and I just started running backward towards the golf course,” he told NBCDFW.

The McKinney Fire Department dispatched paramedics to the scene, who examined three patients – two from the plane and one from the car.

“I saw the pilot and the co-pilot. They just dragged themselves out of the plane, and I also saw the person,” Raper detailed.

“I can’t exactly remember how many people were in the car, but I just remember the people in the car getting out and just being on the ground,”

Fortunately, the driver of the car sustained only minor injuries and was transported to a hospital.

“She was definitely surprised. It’s not something you expect to have happened to you,” Schneider commented on the driver’s reaction.

Small plane crashes into car, pilot blames equipment

“It was completely surreal. I wasn’t expecting it, obviously… Everybody is okay though and we’re all thankful that nobody was hurt,” Schneider noted.

According to witnesses who spoke with the pilot, this was his first time landing at Aero Airport.

He said the accident was caused by the small plane’s reverse thrust, the mechanism that slows down the aircraft, was not functioning.

Officials confirmed that FAA investigators are en route to the scene to establish the cause of the crash.

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