Florida Police Officers Called Into Hotel For Baby Alligator Removal

baby alligator removal

In true Florida fashion, cops had to be called to take a baby alligator out of a hotel room.

The Orange County officers were captured on bodycam footage as they responded to a call regarding the removal of an alligator from a hotel bathtub in Winter Gardens, Florida.

Cops called for baby alligator removal

The incident, which occurred back in September, involved a 25-year-old woman who was later cited for unlawfully possessing the reptile.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials, as reported by WPTV, stated that the woman had been keeping the alligator at the Grove Resort and Water Park. In her defense, she claimed that she had borrowed the gator from her former workplace, Croc Encounters, a wildlife park.

The authorities promptly returned the baby alligator to the park unharmed, ensuring its safety.

Meanwhile, water workers in Mexico were forced to deal with a far larger and more terrifying reptile removal.

They wished it was only a baby alligator

City workers in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico had stumbled upon a surprising encounter while clearing an obstructed water line, as reported by Riviera Maya News.

A 10-foot-long crocodile had managed to obstruct one of the main water lines in the city.

According to the outlet, the Drinking Water and Sewerage Commission workers were drawn to investigate after hearing an odd sound.

To their astonishment, they discovered that it was the tail of a crocodile flicking back and forth.

The city’s Civil Protection unit was summoned to the scene in order to remove the reptilian obstruction from the underground plant system.

Dislodging a giant crocodile was certainly no baby alligator removal

Weighing around 200 pounds and measuring over three meters in length, the crocodile proved to be quite the challenge.

It took fourteen people to wrestle the crocodile out out of its obstructive position and safely relocate the creature to its natural habitat.

The impact of this unexpected guest’s presence was highly noticeable to the population of 380,000 residents, with city water flow experiencing a decrease of nearly 70%.

This significant reduction was attributed to the crocodile’s presence inside the underground plant system, according to the Comisión de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado, the outlet reported.

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