Florida Roofing Company Rounds Up Business With ‘Free AR-15 & Turkey’ Promotion

Florida roofing company

A Florida roofing company recently launched a wildly unique promotion that offers shelter and protection, aimed at boosting business during the winter months.

Roof EZ president, Jason Polly, introduced the “Roof and Gobble” promo, offering customers a free turkey alongside an AR-15 rifle with the purchase of a new roof.

Florida roofing company makes national news with sales ploy

By bringing families together over the theme of protecting their homes, Polly hopes to incentivize customers with the combination of a Thanksgiving meal and added peace of mind.

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“The turkey will get you all sitting at the table so you can spend time together. The roof will protect your home, and the AR-15 will protect your family,” he told WPTV.

Since the promotion began, Roof EZ has seen a significant response. Within just two days, the company sold eight roofs and received an additional 50 inquiries about the offer.

In comparison to their average monthly sales of 30-50 roofs, Roof EZ aims to increase their numbers to 60-100 through this unique promotion.

He sees the promotion as an opportunity for individuals to exercise their constitutional rights and protect their families.

“Everybody should have an AR-15,” Polly stated. “Everybody should have the means to protect their homes and their family.”

“It’s not really catered to anybody, any state, any political view, anything like that. It’s all about safety.”

How a Florida roofing company is able to give away a free gun with purchase

Roof EZ has taken precautions to ensure the legality of their promotion. Working in collaboration with a local gun store, the company ensures that all proper procedures are followed.

Once a roof is completed, customers with a concealed carry permit can obtain their gun immediately, while those without must undergo a three-day waiting period and pass a background check.

“You have to go through all the proper channels before you can walk away with a gun,” he noted.

How the owner of a Florida roofing company came up with the unique offer

Polly borrowed the idea for this promotion from a similar initiative in Alabama. Inspired by the concept of promoting constitutional rights while driving business, he saw it as an opportunity to uniquely cater to the Florida market.

“I figured, ‘Hey, this is the most Florida thing you can do. Let’s do it,’” he said about the concept.

“If someone has the means to buy a roof, they have the means to go buy their own firearm. They’re just buying a roof and supporting our Second Amendment right,” he stated.

“The world’s a crazy place right now and they can get a roof and an AR-15 for protection on both ends.”

While some critics have grumbled about the promotion promoting gun ownership, Polly doesn’t care about the backlash.

“If someone has the means to buy a roof, they have the means to go buy their own firearm,” he remarked.

“They’re just buying a roof and supporting our Second Amendment right. I support everybody’s First Amendment right. … They can reciprocate and respect my Second Amendment rights.

If new customers choose to forgo their free gun, Polly has them covered. “If they don’t want the AR-15, we’ll give them $500 off their roof,” he noted.

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