Watch A Wild 100 Person Fight At Youth Soccer League Match That Saw Parents Attacking Minors

Youth Soccer League

A violent brawl broke out at an LA soccer field following a youth soccer league match between two rival teams and was caught on video.

After a younger team’s victory over their undefeated opponents, chaos ensued as parents, staff, and supporters rushed into the field.

The police are meticulously reviewing footage of the altercation, which left several individuals with broken noses, chipped teeth, and busted lips at Irvine Great Park in the southern part of the city.

Youth soccer league coach “disgusted” by brawl

The victorious Irvine Zeta FC II coach, Bryan Wallace, expressed his disappointment at the turn of events.

“It was by far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever experienced and been a part of, to see adults assaulting minors, that to me is unacceptable” he told Fox 11.

“There’s people that weren’t a part of the game that came onto the field and started fighting not just our minors, but fighting our fans, our parents.”

He was also concerned that one of them might have been in possession of a gun or knife.

Video from the incident show some players being cornered by large groups of opponents, helplessly lying on the ground as they were repeatedly kicked.

Youth soccer league star injured in fight

One particularly disturbing moment shows Irvine’s 16-year-old defender, Matthew Gonzales, leaving the field with a bleeding and violently broken nose.

The consequences of the brawl extend beyond the player’s physical injuries.

Robert, the father of Matthew Gonzales, expressed concern about the impact on his son’s college applications.

“It’s putting his life on pause right now. He’s a senior. So this was a critical, critical time in his athletic career,” he told the outlet.

The violence erupted during the United Premier Soccer League fixture between Irvine Zeta and their South LA rivals, Club Garrafones.

According to Wallace, it all started when one of Club Garrafones’ players punched an Irvine player.

This ignited a chain of attacks as members of the opposing team, including coaches and parents, joined in the violence.

The melee lasted four minutes until the police arrived and Club Garrafones players vacated the field.

Youth soccer league team booted

The United Premiere League reacted by banning Club Garrafones from the league, which is made up of 400 independently owned clubs nationwide.

“The UPSL is committed to providing opportunities in soccer for players from all communities across the country,” the USPL remarked in a statement. “It is shocking to witness such abhorrent behavior.”

“As a result of the senseless and violent, post-game altercation on Saturday, Club Garrafones has been removed from the UPSL and a lifetime ban has been put in place for the organization and its coaching staff. There is no tolerance for such behavior in this league.”

The Irvine Police Department reported that no arrests have been made, but they are actively investigating the incident, examining video footage, and seeking additional evidence.

Youth soccer league shuts down season

Far North of Los Angeles, a youth soccer league has faced its demise due to the actions of adults.

A youth soccer league in the Seattle area has recently made the difficult decision to cancel its season amidst an ongoing homeless encampment.

Valor Soccer, a league dedicated to underprivileged children in King’s County, shared plans to vacate their field ahead of the upcoming fall season.

The league’s CEO expressed concerns about safety issues, specifically referencing incidents of shootings and drug overdoses near the encampment.

The final straw that led to this decision occurred when an individual, presumed to be associated with the encampment, drove onto the soccer field at North Green River Park and caused significant damages exceeding $100,000.

Youth soccer boss Dean Aldridge said the financial strain of such losses on the nonprofit organization was responsible for the decision.

“We don’t have enough money to recoup these kinds of losses,” he remarked.

Youth soccer league boss blames leadership for season cancellation

Aldridge said that the area’s Democratic leadership has prioritized the needs of the homeless population over the well-being of the youth involved in Valor Soccer.

He took journalists on a video tour of the field and the nearby homeless encampment to highlight the issues.

“These are our most economically challenged kids,” he said while pointing out damage to the field. “What human being does this?”

A drive through the nearby encampment revealed a stark contrast to the once majestic scenery of the surrounding area.

The encampment, reportedly experiencing an influx of gang activity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, featured numerous campers, tents, and piles of trash. A

Aldridge voiced concerns about lawlessness, citing incidents of gunfire and illegal dumping.

“King County won’t enforce the laws, Kent won’t enforce the laws, Auburn won’t enforce the laws – no one’s taking ownership,” Aldridge concluded.

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