Thief Poses As Male Mannequin To Rob Department Store

male mannequin

A creative thief with incredible body control contorted himself into a statue-like male mannequin to rob a department store.

Surveillance footage captured the shocking incident at a Polish department store Warsaw, where a 22-year-old man cleverly disguised himself clothes dummy until the store closed.

He posed brazenly in a window that was positioned outward towards the mall, standing like a statue amongst two faceless mannequins.

His statue act was so good that neither shoppers or the store’s staff noticed anything off about his presence.

Male mannequin comes to life

Warsaw police said the thief waited until “he felt safe,” then went “hunting” through the departments until he landed on the island where the jewelry was displayed.

After perusing through the jewelry section and taking anything his sticky fingers could grab, he was seen by mall security.

The male mannequin thief has struck before

Astonishingly, this isn’t the thief’s first heist from a department store.

He was caught on camera at another mall grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant while waiting for the stores to close.

When they did, he was captured on CCTV sliding under a store’s partially closed metal shutters and snatching some designer clothing.

After the retail robbery, the man put on his recently pilfered digs and returned to the restaurant to eat again.

In a third incident, the man waited until another retail store closed and “took money from several cash registers and tried to steal other items”.

Police released video of he unnamed man’s arrest, which showed him cuffed and led outside.

He was humiliatingly marched with his arms up high behind his back, while being led away by two plain clothes officers.

He will be held in police custody in Warsaw for three months, then face a sentence of up to ten years if convicted.

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