Menacing Monkey Snatches Puppy From Balcony

Monkey Riding Dog

A puppy was taken hostage by a monkey, who was caught on video traversing rooftops with defenseless dog in its grip.

Onlookers were stunned over the weekend, when a black and white pooch was seen struggling to escape the grip of a much larger monkey sat on top of an awning in a marketplace in Jaipur, India.

Once the simian snatcher seemed to realize that it was attracting the attention of bystanders below, it secured the dog in its hold and leapt to a nearby balcony.

Men could be heard cruelly laughing at the monkey’s antics in a video that captured the chimp making a daring jump to a nearby rooftop and ambling out of sight. \

The whereabouts of the missing mutt remain unclear, but in a city that is home to a large colony of monkeys that are known to steal from from humans, the outlook is grim.

In a similar incident in Malaysia, another pilfering primate took a two-week old puppy from a litter of strays and held it hostage on top of a telephone pole for three days.

Oddly, the monkey did not try to harm the pooch, and was instead spotted treating the pup as if it was its own baby.

The puppy, who also has a black and white coat, may not have been harmed by the macaque, but was slowly starving to death during the days long stand off.

“The puppy looked tired and weary but the monkey did not seem to hurt it,” an observer stated. “The monkey was just holding the puppy while it moved around.”

Local residents attempted to free the dying dog several times, but the monkey evaded their attacks by scampering off into the forest.

Fortunately, the macaque routinely returned to the telephone pole in town, and on the third day, residents resorted to throwing rocks and the monkey, which caused it to drop the puppy into bushes below.

The dog was assessed for injuries by its rescuers and adopted by a local family following the harrowing ordeal.

Monkey’s are known to be a danger to other animals and humans. An Oklahoma woman recently was attacked by a monkey that escaped the home of an exotic animal owner.

Brittany Parker was hanging out at home, when she noticed a monkey staring at her from the front porch as it tried to get inside.

“The little button you push in on the screen door, he had broke it off,” Parker said. “I was literally hanging onto my door trying to hold the door closed.”

She managed to keep the monkey out of her home’s interior and called local law enforcement for help.

The monkey scampered away when police arrived, but when Parker exited her home to greet them, the monkey, jumped on a patrol car and attacked her.

“He jumped up my back and landed on my head, got on my head and grabbed handfuls of hair and just ripped it out and then ripped my ear almost completely off my head,” Parker remarked.

Police fired two shots at the monkey, but it escaped. Parker was taken to the hospital and released a day later with series of stitches to her ear, which will require plastic surgery to repair.

In addition to the injury, Parker was left traumatized by the incident, particularly while the monkey was still on the loose.

“It’s scary. It’s absolutely scary. Very traumatizing,” she commented. “Do I let my child go outside and play and be a normal child? Or do I worry every time we step outside if we are going to be attacked by something? It is very traumatizing. It is very scary.”

Though the Oklahoma Wildlife Department searched for the monkey, they were unsuccessful in locating it.

The were able to find the animal’s owners, who also were unable to coax the monkey, who’s name was Jack, home with them.

“He somehow got out of his cage,” Jack’s owner said of the eight-year-old monkey.

“He ended up attacking a lady… I’m not sure what could have provoked the bout of anger, but I feel so bad for her and her family.

One of Parker’s relatives took matters into their own hands, when they hunted Jack down and shot him to death.

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