Flying Nun Drops Climate Protester In Brutal Tackle

flying nun

A French flying nun gained considerable attention on social media when a video surfaced of her confronting a climate protester with a flying tackle.

The incident took place during the weekend as eco-group Les Amis de la Bourges attempted to obstruct the construction of a chapel and residential center by the Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame (Missionary Family of Our Lady) in the south of France.

The Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame (FMND) had previously cautioned the protesters in an official statement that they were determined to continue their work lawfully and protect their rights to build the religious chapel.

Flying Nun caught on camera leveling protestor

In the video, the protester is seen sprinting through the construction site holding two cylindrical tubes, presumably construction materials.

Suddenly, a nun flies in frame and tackles the protester like an NFL linebacker, bringing him down to the ground.

Upon impact, the protester releases the tubes, which are then shattered by another man, who appears to be another protester.

According to France 3, the nuns had anticipated the arrival of the environmental protesters and had prepared themselves to safeguard the construction site.

Following the tackle, the nuns assumed a more peaceful approach, singing while cutting off site access the surrounding protesters, according to Fox News. Ten law officers were also present in the vicinity to mitigate additional conflicts.

Flying nun’s forceful tackle shocks protester president

Sylvain Hérenguel, co-president of the association for the future of the Bourges valley, was shocked that holy woman would get so physical.

“I didn’t expect that,” he remarked. “I expected the nuns to be a little reasonable for the public order.”

“The problem is that the religious people decided to resort to violence,” he complained. “I was attacked three times by five people, who snatched me, who wanted to throw me out there. They decided to protect the site with their actions and their bodies.”

The group claims that the construction project poses a threat to several rare plant species that have not been adequately protected.

Hérenguel said that the construction site was required to perform an environmental study on the rare jackfruit species in order to resume building, but that they had not done so.

“They do not have authorization to destroy the habitats of protected species,” he added.

The construction project initially commenced in December 2018, with plans to build a religious structure capable of accommodating 3,500 people.

However, the project has faced significant opposition from environmental organizations, causing protests which have subsequently halted the progress of the construction in October of 2020.

Hérenguel seems to be incorrect about the environmental study, according to a report, FMND completed an environmental study of the area, which allowed construction to resume in 2022.

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