David Copperfield’s Latest Trick Will Make The Moon Disappear

David Copperfield statue of liberty

David Copperfield, renowned for his mesmerizing magic performances, recently unveiled his ambitious plan to make the “moon disappear” after three decades of intense work.

During an appearance on the “Today” show, Copperfield, 67, disclosed his next mind-bending illusion.

“I’m going to make the moon disappear,” Copperfield explained to host Carson Daly.

“It’s taken 30 years of work, that’s literally 30 years of our lives to develop it.”

The 21-time Emmy Award winner said that there are “multiple methods” behind the upcoming vanishing act, and revealed his collaboration with Save the Children, an exceptional organization dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide.

Copperfield said he’s attempting the illusion “to show the world the difference one person can make.”

He’s trying to get a message out that if one man can attempt an astonishing feat on his own, that the collective population can solve real-life issues.

“If one person can make the moon disappear from the sky, imagine how together we can make poverty and hunger and danger disappear for our children on earth,” Copperfield remarked.

David Copperfield is already working making the moon disappear

He plans to execute this monumental illusion in February 2024, and even claims that rehearsals for the main event have been causing unexplained phenomenons from above.

“I’ve been testing [the illusion methods] the past few months and people have reported seeing strange things in the sky at night, all around the country,” Copperfield told Daly.

He encouraged “Today” show viewers to reach out to him through social media platforms if they witness any unusual occurrences in the night sky.

As preparations unfold, Copperfield announced plans for an exclusive contest, providing lucky winners with a unique opportunity to witness the vanishing act in person.

The magician has been shocking audiences for decades with his seemingly impossible illusions, that have historically been aired as television specials.

Copperfield cut himself in half with a laser, teleported to Hawaii, escaped from Alcatraz prison, and walked through the Great Wall of China.

How did David Copperfield make the statue of liberty disappear?

One of his most famous illusions was performed on live television in 1983, when he made the Statue of Liberty disappear after raising a sheet in front of it.

He said that he conceptualized the trick to showcase “how precious liberty is and how easily it can be lost,” he remarked. “I can show with magic how we take our freedom for granted.”

According to a YouTuber, he was able to make Lady Liberty disappear by rigging the platform he staged the illusion to rotate without spectators being aware.

The slight movement shifted the Statue of Liberty behind a tower that was holding up the giant sheet, so when he lowered the cloth, it had disappeared.

When the stage returned to its original position, with the on-site audience unaware of the movement due to the pounding baseline of of the act’s musical accompaniment, the colossal neoclassical sculpture was once again back on Liberty Island.

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