Woman Discovers $26 Million Cimabue Painting Hanging In Her Kitchen

Cimabue painting

An elderly French woman got the shock of her life when a the painting she had hanging over her stove was revealed to be worth more than $26 million. The woman was reportedly planning to get rid of the painting during the move, but a family member wanted to get all items on the property […]

Florida Police Officers Called Into Hotel For Baby Alligator Removal

baby alligator removal

In true Florida fashion, cops had to be called to take a baby alligator out of a hotel room. The Orange County officers were captured on bodycam footage as they responded to a call regarding the removal of an alligator from a hotel bathtub in Winter Gardens, Florida. Cops called for baby alligator removal The […]

Circus Lion Escapes And Roams Seaside Town

Circus lion

A circus lion named Kimba escaped and was spotted wandering through densely populated streets for several hours in a suburb of Rome on Saturday before authorities managed to sedate and capture it. Circus lion prowls Italian town sending locals scrambling Alessandro Grando, the mayor of Ladispoli, a seaside town on the outskirts of Rome, confirmed […]

Pilot Spots UFO In Sky During Commercial Flight

UFO in sky

A commercial airplane pilot claimed to have witnessed an unidentified flying object (UFO) while taking off from a London airport last year. The pilot, who was traveling at a speed of over 230 mph, reported that a “black” object materialized as close as 65 feet away from the commercial passenger aircraft. Pilot reports UFO in […]

Watch: Small Plane Crashes Into Car During Emergency Landing

small plane crashes

A small plane crashed into a car after making an emergency landing in Texas on Saturday afternoon. The pilot was attempting to land at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas, after an hour and twenty minute flight from Midland, which is over 350 miles away. The pilot reportedly brought the plane in too hot, and […]