Florida Roofing Company Rounds Up Business With ‘Free AR-15 & Turkey’ Promotion

Florida roofing company

A Florida roofing company recently launched a wildly unique promotion that offers shelter and protection, aimed at boosting business during the winter months. Roof EZ president, Jason Polly, introduced the “Roof and Gobble” promo, offering customers a free turkey alongside an AR-15 rifle with the purchase of a new roof. Florida roofing company makes national […]

Teenager Impersonates Police With ‘Booty Patrol’ Truck

Police impersonator

A Florida man was recently apprehended by the cop for allegedly being police impersonator with his truck, which prominently displayed the words “Booty Patrol.” The white pickup resembled a Border Patrol vehicle and featured large green lettering reading “Booty Patrol” across the back and sides of the truck bed. The driver’s side and passenger doors […]

Watch: Naked Man Attacks Las Vegas Police Officer And Steals Patrol Car

Naked Man police truck

Like many unlikely events in Las Vegas, a bizarre incident unfolded when a naked man attacked a police officer and stole his patrol truck. The intense altercation was captured on video, shocking onlookers at an off-the-strip intersection at Blue Diamond Road and Buffalo Drive. The naked man, who was described as “suicidal,” provoked the attention […]

Watch: Truck Collision Causes Hour-Long Fireworks Show On Highway

Fireworks show

A semi-truck collided with a parked pick up truck last week, causing $100,000 in pyrotechnics to explode in a fiery fireworks show. On Thursday, a collision on near Hope, British Columbia on the Trans-Canada Highway led to an explosion and the ignition of fireworks, that left the pickup truck completely burnt down to a the […]

David Copperfield’s Latest Trick Will Make The Moon Disappear

David Copperfield statue of liberty

David Copperfield, renowned for his mesmerizing magic performances, recently unveiled his ambitious plan to make the “moon disappear” after three decades of intense work. During an appearance on the “Today” show, Copperfield, 67, disclosed his next mind-bending illusion. “I’m going to make the moon disappear,” Copperfield explained to host Carson Daly. “It’s taken 30 years […]

Cops Make Shocking Find In Illegal Drug Bust Of Pizza Joint

illegal drug bust

An insane amount of illegal drugs were found at a New York pizza joint and on a private beach in Martha’s Vineyard. Three people were taken into custody in the Bronx after their arrest for possessing approximately 100 pounds of illegal drugs, which law enforcement authorities valued at $4 million. According to Frank Tarentino, the […]

The Housing Market Is So Terrible Most Buyers Would Happily Snap Up A Haunted House For Sale

haunted house for sale

A majority of home buyers, amidst the sky-rocketing prices in the housing market, are considering purchasing haunted houses, according to a recent survey conducted by Zillow Group Inc. The survey, which included 901 recent home buyers and 993 prospective buyers, sheds light on the extreme compromises Americans are willing to make in today’s housing market. […]

Magnet Fisherman Cause Bomb Scare When They Reel In Live WWII Grenade

Magnet Fisherman

Magnet fishermen had a heart-pounding experience in Scotland when their pastime took an explosive turn. While dredging a canal in Linlithgow, Scotland on October 10, the group of fisherman accidentally reeled in a live hand grenade from WWII. The group, known for their TikTok channel, “Magnet Fishing Edinburgh,” where they showcase their metal catches to […]